Lexical Representation as Innovations in Nigerian English Usage.

Abstract: Over the decades, linguists have conducted scholarly researches in various areas to favour a variety of English used in the Nigerian situation, but they have scarcely attempted innovation. These research gaps have raised questions on the validity of these lexically innovated words which this paper seeks to examine with the aim of identifying the pragmatic nature of words that reflect the Nigerian people and culture. Data which were obtained via questionnaires from 100 respondents; the internet, books, and journals were discussed through denominalization, argument/qualia structures, and polysemy based on the rule-governed/rule-bending principles which are the foundations for creativity. The finding indicates that the generated words are intelligible and acceptable Nigerian English usage. The paper concludes that the validity of these innovations in the Nigerian English consortium is standard for educated speakers of Nigerian English. It recommends that English language planners in Nigeria should codify these new words to serve as a practical guide for gaining and building a viable educational language system.

Key Words acceptability, deviant, innovation, intelligibility, variant

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