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The oppression of women, their exploitation and cultural subjugation are not particular to Africa, rather, these have remained the integral part of the political, economic and cultural systems of all parts of the world. Even in our contemporary society, the industrial, technological and cultural advancement have not succeeded in balancing out power play in our global culture. What the world has witnessed is the emergence of more subtle ways of power and control. Excuses are generated to legitimize and absolve the powerful from going after the weaker ones. What has happened to women in the world today is the product of this same history of domination and control irrespective of culture. The partition of Africa in 1885 into Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone blocs among the British, the French, the Germans, the Italians and the Portuguese was the result of colonial domination, exploitation and control. David Livingston in 1873 had with his British contemporaries seen the proposed colonization of Africa as a noble venture where Christianity, Civilization and Commerce would be brought to the African people. Beneath the veneer of this noble endeavour of theirs, however, was the measure of their power which resulted in the lucrative slave trades: the Trans Atlantic and Arabic, which destroyed the fabric of the African continent.


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